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Home Loans

Buying A New Home

Are you buying an established property or planning on building a new one? We have extensive experience in sourcing the right financial solution for your situation.

After meeting with us, you will have a full understanding of the costs associated with purchasing property, along with how much you can borrow and how much deposit you will need.

Home loan health check

Refinancing Your Home Loan

Put some extra cash back into your pocket!

Refinancing your current home loan is a good idea if you want to lower your monthly repayments, access existing equity in your home loan or to consolidate debt.

We provide free loan health checks for anybody wanting to see if they can get a better deal and are always looking for opportunities to save our clients’ money.

Property Investment

The Broker Team specialises in helping people grow property investment portfolio’s. As keen investors ourselves, we are passionate about assisting clients build future wealth.

We will assist by:

  • Helping you to tap into existing equity,
  • advise on the different ways you can structure your investment loans and;
  • implement important cash-flow structures to ensure your property investment journey exciting, not stressful.
Property Investment Houses
First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers

Our business recognizes the need for people to make the right decisions with all the necessary information to do so.

With this in mind, we provide detailed information and education for first time buyers about the process of sourcing the right finance package to best suit their needs, along with information about the buying process. more…

Debt Consolidation

Are you monthly bills getting out of control? How about rolling all of them into one easy repayment?

By doing so, you may be able to reduce your monthly commitments to take the pressure off your finances.

We can review your current home loan at the same time to ensure you are getting the right deal.

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