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Find A Better DealLet's try save you some money!

Is your home loan over two years old? If so, chances are you could be getting a better deal by refinancing the loan to another lender or product. Sticking with the same lender and lending terms year after year could mean you’re not getting the best loan terms you could be.

Refinancing your current home loan is a good idea if you want to lower your monthly repayments, access existing equity in your home loan or to consolidate debt. We provide free loan health checks for anybody wanting to see if they can get a better deal and are always looking for opportunities to save our clients’ money.

Our Lenders

Why Should I Refinance?

Banks and lending partners regularly change their lending terms and offers to entice new customers. By switching (refinancing) your loan to be with a different bank or lending partner, you could take advantage of a lower interest rate or deal, and end up saving on interest.

How Often Should I Refinance?

It is generally recommended to check your home loan every two years – get in touch with us for a free Home Loan Health Check. We’ll review your current loan set up and see if we can make it better – we love saving our clients money!